A Thought about Immortality

Ellet J. Waggoner

It may be argued by some that, while it is true that immortality comes from God alone, and He alone has life in Himself, He has implanted it in all human beings.  But this will not harmonize with the Bible.  If men were by nature immortal, then it would not be true that immorality comes through Christ and the gospel.  If we accept the Bible as authority, then immorality cannot be bestowed until it is seen who have accepted Christ, and have persevered in well-doing.  And this cannot be seen in this life, for there is always a possibility of the best man's falling from his steadfastness.

If it be true that all men have in them an immortal principle, then there can be no such thing as sin.  For immortality means exemption from death.  Whoever is immortal cannot die.  But "the wages of sin is death;" that is, whoever sins will die; and no one will die except those who sin.

So, if the claim is that all men are immortal, and that none can die, the logical conclusion is that none are sinners.  In other words, wages will be given where due; and death, the wages of sin, is given to no man, then it follows that no man is deserving of it.  Thus immortal-soulism is pure universalism.