A Message to the Mockers in Leadership

Warning Against Despising God’s Message

I would speak in warning to those who have stood for years resisting light and cherishing the spirit of opposition. How long will you hate and despise the messengers1 of God’s righteousness? God has given them His message. They bear the word of the Lord. There is salvation for you, but only through the merits of Jesus Christ. The grace of the Holy Spirit has been offered you again and again.

2002: 'Evidence Heaped Upon Evidence'

2002 . . .

The world church received an amazing article through the Adventist Review (April 25, 2002) entitled “1888 and All That …” It claims that in the four-volume Ellen G. White 1888 Materials (1821 pages) there is a “sharp contrast between Ellen White’s theology regarding 1888 and the so-called 1888 message.” The author claims that almost nothing in this E. G.

Rejecting the Light

Rejecting the Light

In 1896 Ellen G. White addressed the General Conference brethren in Battle Creek concerning their continued stubborn rejection of the Light and Message the Lord had sent us at the 1888 General Conference through His messengers Elders Waggoner and Jones.

We are now, 127 years later, experiencing another General Conference and the leadership continues to reject the Lords message and the Light He sent to them in 1888.

Different Kinds of Righteousness

"The Jews followed the law, and so far as anybody could see, they kept it strictly. Then they trusted to their own works, and did not submit to the righteousness of God. But the Gentiles, and the publicans and harlots, had no good works to trust in, and therefore they willingly accepted the righteousness, which is of God by faith. Thus the publicans and harlots receive the blessing of God more readily than the Pharisees."  Ellet J. Waggoner