It is Faith Itself that Works

A major difference between Baal worship in the church today and true worship in the church today is that Baal worship holds fast to the belief that it is your faith plus your good works that saves you, while the gospel teaches that it is the faith of Jesus that does the good works - even the obeying of the 10 Commandments. Faith must ALWAYS precede works since it is faith itself that produces the works.

Faith, a Free Gift to All

By grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” (Eph. 2:8). By grace are ye saved, because it is the grace that is the favor of God that brings salvation. That favor being given freely and without measure to every one of us, bringing salvation to all, so the salvation of God is free to all men. To every one of us it is given freely, without measure and without reserve.    --Alonzo T. Jones

The Obedience of Faith

[The relationship between faith and works is often misunderstood, especially if one finds they are still approaching the Gospel with an Armianian mind set.  Ellet J. Waggoner expalins this relationship clearly and brings hope to the one that has become discouraged in all their attempts to make themselves right with God. D. Peters]

"The great characteristic of faith is, that it works. We do not mean that works are attached to it, but works come from it."