The Fact That Jesus Has . . .

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"The Fact That Jesus Has . . . "

The fact that Jesus has done everything for man is sometimes perverted. It is often said that as He fulfilled the law, keeping it for us, we have nothing whatever to do with it. That is the same as saying that because He always told the truth, we may lie with impunity; that as He honored the Father, we are free to dishonor Him. No greater error could be conceived. It is true that He fulfilled all of the law, but it was in order “that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us” (Rom. 8:3). It is true that He kept the law for us, but it was that He might keep it in us. We are “saved by His life,” but not unless we have His life. And if we have His life we shall have all the obedience to the law that was in it, for He has not changed, and lives the same life today that He did eighteen hundred or six thousand years ago.

E. J. Waggoner.
The Present Truth, Vol. 9, No. 15, July 13, 1893.