The Christian and the State

No man can be active in the affairs of two governments at the same time. This applies to the government of heaven as related to earthly governments, as well as to different countries on earth. The one who is a citizen of the heavenly country has no business to meddle with the affairs of earthly governments. He must leave that business to those who acknowledge this earth to be their home.

Many Christians and ministers of the gospel seek to justify their dealing in politics by saying that it is their duty to make this earth the kingdom of heaven. There will be a new earth, in which only righteousness will dwell, but it will be only after the coming of the day of the Lord, in which the elements shall melt, and ungodly men shall be burned up. 2 Peter 3:10-13. It will not be brought about by political action, even though ministers of the Gospel be the politicians. Therefore the minister who turns his attention to politics is denying his calling.

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