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The Manger and the Cross

E. J. Waggoner       [click here to download article]

 “The old, old story is ever new, tell me more about Jesus.”

For hundreds of years’ men have been talking about Him, and the story of His life has been proclaimed in thousands of pulpits, and repeated in millions of homes; yet it is not worn out. It is as fresh and new as when first told, not only because man’s needs are the same now as then, and because 

2002: 'Evidence Heaped Upon Evidence'

2002 . . .

The world church received an amazing article through the Adventist Review (April 25, 2002) entitled “1888 and All That …” It claims that in the four-volume Ellen G. White 1888 Materials (1821 pages) there is a “sharp contrast between Ellen White’s theology regarding 1888 and the so-called 1888 message.” The author claims that almost nothing in this E. G.

1994 - Adams Overlooks Spirit of Prophecy Regarding Repentance

1994 . . .

Dr. Roy Adams (Associate Editor of the Adventist Review) published The Nature of Christ, a new example of vindictiveness never before seen in Seventh-day Adventist church publications. The most noted apostates in Adventist history have never been maligned with the vengeance this treatise heaps upon Elder M. L. Andreasen and the authors of 1888 Re-examined.

1989 - Knight Contradicts Ellen White

1989 . . .

After but two years George R. Knight brings to the church another treatise, Angry Saints, with seven chapters, six built upon the idea of “Crisis.” The stated theme is “essentially a study of Adventist history.” This volume is a sequel to his 1987 book, From 1888 to Apostasy: The Case of A. T. Jones, but it adds some 19 specific derogatory references to the authors of 1888 Re-examined. 

1987 - Aversion To the Truth Continues

Our aversion to the truth of Minneapolis [where the 1888 message was proclaimed] is not lessened with the passing of time. In 1987 George R. Knight authored From 1888 to Apostasy: The Case of A. T. Jones. This was his first of several books about 1888. He states in the preface that his primary purpose is “to develop Jones’s biography.” However some book reviews published in 1988 seriously question this purpose. One reviewer says: “He [Knight] is being totally irresponsible as a biographer.

"Actual Rejection of the Latter Rain"

1980 . . .

Selected Messages, book three, was released by the Ellen G. White Publications containing a supplied 33-page editorial account of the Minneapolis Conference. As was done in the 1962 edition of Testimonies to Ministers, the compilers inserted seven pages of their ideas to condition the reader. The section is introduced by “A Statement Presenting the Historical Backgrounds.” Twice, reference is made to a vote not being taken on the issues. “No conference actions were taken” (p.