A. T. Jones

The Righteousness of God

All your toiling to do better and to obey the law, will do no good; for it is not your righteousness that is called for; it is God’s righteousness. It is not your righteousness that is demanded by the law; it is God’s. It is not your righteousness that will be accepted by the law; it is God’s righteousness alone that will be accepted. It matters not how hard you try, nor how much you do, the law will never witness to your righteousness; the law will witness only to the righteousness of God. --A. T. Jones

Justification by Faith - A. T. Jones

This is justification by faith alone. This is justification by faith, without works. For the faith being the gift of God, coming by the word of God, and itself working in man the works of God, needs none of the work of sinful man to make it good and acceptable to God. The faith itself works in man that which is good, and is sufficient of itself to fill all the life with the goodness of God, and needs not the imperfect effort of sinful man to make it meritorious.

Faith, a Free Gift to All

By grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God” (Eph. 2:8). By grace are ye saved, because it is the grace that is the favor of God that brings salvation. That favor being given freely and without measure to every one of us, bringing salvation to all, so the salvation of God is free to all men. To every one of us it is given freely, without measure and without reserve.    --Alonzo T. Jones

The Spirit of Christ


"Thus Satan instilled the exaltation of self into man—even his own ambition to be equal with God. Thus it was the selfish desire to be equal with God that induced sin in man on the earth. And thus into mankind was instilled the mind of Satan, —that same mind which thought that to be equal with God was a thing to be seized upon, and eagerly retained, —that same mind which meditated a usurpation to be equal with God, —that same mind which puts self in the place of God." -- A.T. Jones

Bible Questions and Answers Concerning Man

"In the thoughts of man there are a great many questions which arise concerning himself. Some of these are highly important. So important indeed are they that the Word of God itself has recorded them. Nor is that all. This Word has not only recorded the questions, but it has also recorded the answers to the questions." What happens when a man dies?"  A. T. Jones

  • Is man mortal or immortal?
  • Where do men go when they die?
  • If a man dies, shall he live again?
  • Do the dead praise the Lord?

He is the Complete Saviour

In delivering us from sin, it is not enough that we shall be saved from the sins that we have actually committed; we must be saved from committing other sins. And that this may be so, there must be met and subdued this hereditary liability to sin: we must become possessed of power to keep us from sinning—a power to conquer this liability, this hereditary tendency that is in us, to sin.