Christian Patriotism

The separation of religion and the State is one of the most important questions that any people can ever be called upon to consider in connection with Christian patriotism; because the union of religion and the State has marked the greatest apostasies from God, and has caused more misery than any other thing in all history.  ~Alonzo Trevier Jones


The Third Angel's Message and the Faith of Jesus

In the matter of the duty of keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, it is not to be understood that the two can for a moment be separated. The commandments can not be kept except by the faith ofJesus Christ; and the faith of Christ amounts to nothing unless it is manifested in good works - the good works consist in keeping the commandments of God.

15 articles by Alonzo T. Jones have been collected and presented here in a life changing study on the Faith of Jesus set in the Third Angel's Message.  This is a message of Righteousness by His faith.