The Faith of Abraham Was the Faith of Jesus.

Abraham received the promise of an heir and an inheritance, as recorded in Gen. 15:1-5; and verse 6 says, "He believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.” In James 2:21-23 we are informed that the scripture quoted above had its fulfilment when Abraham offered up his son Isaac, about forty years after the events had occurred in connection with which the statement was made.

1987 - Aversion To the Truth Continues

Our aversion to the truth of Minneapolis [where the 1888 message was proclaimed] is not lessened with the passing of time. In 1987 George R. Knight authored From 1888 to Apostasy: The Case of A. T. Jones. This was his first of several books about 1888. He states in the preface that his primary purpose is “to develop Jones’s biography.” However some book reviews published in 1988 seriously question this purpose. One reviewer says: “He [Knight] is being totally irresponsible as a biographer.

Receive the Holy Spirit

We are in the ongoing process of posting a new series written by A. T. Jones on the Holy Spirit!

These articles are being placed in a 'book' format and can be found under the heading "BOOKS." Each article has an individual PDF download available at the end of each article. When everything is completed, there will also be a single PDF made available containing the entire 'book' on the Holy Spirit.