Galatians 3 | The Glad Tidings

Instead of attacking their error and combating it with hard argument, the apostle begins with an experience, which illustrates the case in hand.  In this narrative he shows that salvation is wholly by faith for all men alike, and not in any degree by works.  As Christ tasted death for every man, so every man who is saved must have Christ's personal experience of death and resurrection and life.  Christ in the flesh does what the law cannot do.  Galatians 2:21; Romans 8:3,4

The Sabbath and the Cross

We are reconciled to God by the death of Christ, and saved by His life. The life, which does this, is the life from which all created things came, and by which they exist. The power of redemption is the power of creation, and that is the power of the life of Christ. The Sabbath is a great memorial of the wonderful works of God, which are the measure of His graciousness. He gave it that we might know that He is the Lord that sanctifies us.