The Loom of Heaven, You, and the Righteousness of Christ - SST Supplement

This white garment is "that garment that is woven in the loom of heaven, in which there is not a single thread of human making." That garment was woven in a human body and the flesh of Christ was the loom. That garment was woven in Jesus; in the same flesh that we have, for He took part of the same flesh and blood that we have.

The Righteousness of God

All your toiling to do better and to obey the law, will do no good; for it is not your righteousness that is called for; it is God’s righteousness. It is not your righteousness that is demanded by the law; it is God’s. It is not your righteousness that will be accepted by the law; it is God’s righteousness alone that will be accepted. It matters not how hard you try, nor how much you do, the law will never witness to your righteousness; the law will witness only to the righteousness of God. --A. T. Jones

Confessing Christ in the Flesh

“Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God.” It does not say that every spirit that openly denies it, but every spirit that does not confess it. Bearing in mind what is meant by confession, we learn from these verses in John’s epistle that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a fact, whether we confess it or not.  --Ellet J. Waggoner

The All-Sufficient Life

"But to be forgiven is to be made righteous. Forgiveness is not an imaginary thing, but is real. If I forgive a fellow man, it makes no difference in him; the effect is only upon him. But when God forgives us, He continues the same, but the forgiveness effects a change in us. It takes away the sin. But when sin is taken away, righteousness must take its place. A new life—the righteous life of Christ—is given in place of the old life of sin."  Ellet J. Waggoner

Believing Unto Righteousness

"When God calls a man a sinner, he is a sinner; and when He calls a man righteous, he is righteous in reality, as much so as if he had never sinned. There is no virtue in mere intellectual assent. God never declares a person righteous simply because he makes an acknowledgment of the truth. And there is an actual, literal change from the state of sin to righteousness, which justifies God in making the declaration."  Ellet J. Waggoner

The Fruits of Righteousness

"The statement is that whoever abides in Christ brings forth much fruit; while separate from Him we can do nothing. Doing nothing is made equivalent to not bearing fruit. So then bearing fruit in the vine is identical with doing something. There is nothing more passive than the bearing of fruit; and yet there is nothing in which more intense activity is shown than in a fruitful vine or tree. The tree can do nothing to make itself bear fruit, yet the bearing of fruit is a period of activity.Ellet J. Waggoner