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“The Meaning of the Cross”

Ellet J. Waggoner

Jesus tasted death for every man. Through His death we receive life. Let us state the case in this simple way: (1) Christ had to give life to the world; (2) To die was to expire, to breathe out; (3) Man has life by a breathing in the life of God; (4) Therefore Christ breathed out His life on the cross, that we might breathe it in. Thus we see that the cross was simply the revelation of the Creator at work, and in the cross we see God creating man, the breathing into his nostrils the breath of life.

“The Unpardonable Sin”

“A friend of mine wants to know what is the sin against the Holy Ghost, and would like to have some Scripture references on the subject, for his own benefit.”

(This is a grouping of 8 articles written by Ellet J. Waggoner on the Unpardonable Sin.  Their dates are in order from April 14, 1887 through January 1, 1903.)

A Cry for Help

Your experience is that of many thousands of sincere Christians; but it is not real Christian experience, because it is not the experience of Christ.

“In Him is no sin;” but He was made to be sin for us, in that He bore our sins. 2 Corinthians 5.21. The flesh that He took was our flesh; the sins that He overcame were our sins; and He did really overcome them.

"I am so Sensitive"

If the sensitive individual did not think so much of self, he would care very much less of what folks said.  He certainly would have no time for sensitiveness.  If he would give himself to his own faithful legitimate work, he would find in it no time to ponder on the misdeeds of others toward him. 

Infidelity: Worshipping Self

This sort of thing is very common in the world, among professors of Christianity.  One believes a text because it looks reasonable, and he can understand it, but that others cannot see.  And yet he thinks he is not an infidel.  “See what a large portion I do believe:” and yet he cannot go beyond the range of his reason.  That is to say that there is no God in the universe who can speak words beyond the range of his reason.  His reason is held to be equal to God’s, and even above it, because he sits in judgment on what God says.  This is putting self above God.

Imagination Is Idolatry

Imagination is not a gift of God.  It is the perversion of God’s gift.  It is the result of refusing to let God Himself direct the faculties, which He has given us, and trying to direct them ourselves.  One has no right to imagine anything.  Imagination is but an ignis fatuus** that leads men into a fog.  The first chapter of Romans tells what it does for men.

Present Tense Religion

Christianity in the present tense takes a person just where it finds him; and therefore none need wait or be discouraged.  The Lord purposes to save men, —all men in the world who will let Him do it—and He cannot do this except by taking them just where there are, and just where they are at each succeeding moment of their lives.