Three Great Mistakes.

Notice three great mistakes made by different parties in connection with the trial of Jesus, each having its special lesson.

1. Peter’s sell-confidence made a coward of him when he came to the test. Knowing the Lord and loving Him, he yet denied the truth, because the flesh failed him.

2. The prejudices of the priests and rulers made them blind to all truth and honour, and while their attitude was in itself a confession that they were wrong, they so deceived themselves that they knew not what they did.

3. Pilate's love of office and position led him to yield to the clamour of prejudice, although he knew what he ought to have done. He knew Jesus was a just man, and half feared that He might be more than man, but—he would endanger his position if he did right.

Here are lessons (1) for followers of the Lord who trust in their own ability and knowledge of the form of the truth, (2) for those whose prejudices refuse to let them investigate the truth with open hearts, (3) and for any whose positions may appear to stand in the way of right doing.

Jesus triumphed in it all because, as even His enemies said, "He trusted in God.”

E. J. Waggoner.
Australian Signs of the Times, October 5, 1903, p. 482.
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