The Complete Gospel: "Christ in you, the hope of glory"

Many speak, teach and firmly believe in the idea of the theme: “in Christ.” This is well and good, but it represents only part of the truth - one facet of the gospel. The complete gospel is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

We understand that the main theme of the 1888 General Conference, what was presented by the Lords messengers - Elder Waggoner and Jones - was righteousness by faith. However, what is not pointed out is that it is righteousness by faith because of Christ being in the believer - He is our righteousness.

Waggoner states regarding this: “By the Spirit, His own personal presence, He can dwell in every man on earth, and fill the heavens as well, a thing which Jesus in the flesh could not do.”(The Glad Tidings (1900 original), p. 90.). Here we see that the Holy Spirit brings Christ to every man.

So we see that what the General Conference rejected was the Gospel; the truth as it is in Jesus - that is what was rejected. Now since nothing has changed in this matter since 1888, what is actually being taught in the place of the Gospel? The answer to this is found in the book of Galatians where men, who rejected the gospel, came to the Galatian church and brought with them a false gospel of works.

This short presentation is only a beginning and it is hoped that the reader will go on and discover this and more for themselves. Much more could be assembled, but the above was chosen for the initial impact it had on my life and understanding. Never take any mans word for what the 1888 message is - read it and find out for your self. To do so, read the messengers that God sent, not what other men have written about what they think the message is. They are not your Guide to truth. --Daniel Peters
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