What the Gospel Teaches

  • Then the gospel, which is to be preached to all people, is the announcement of a Saviour. 
  • But the simple heralding of Christ, without stating the nature and object of his work, would not be the preaching of the gospel. The “good news” consists in the fact that Christ the Lord is a Saviour. That Christ comes as a Saviour necessarily implies that there are people to be saved, and something from which they must be saved.
  • So it is manifest that the preaching of the gospel consists in the announcement that Christ will save people from sin.
  • So no man can feel any interest in the gospel as a means of salvation from sin, unless he (1) knows what sin is, and (2) is convinced that he is a sinner, and (3) understands the nature and results of sin, so as to realize that it is something to be shunned. Therefore the gospel, with its announcement of salvation from sin, must also make known what sin is. This it does, as we shall see. 

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