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Nature of the Law (Part 2 of 2)

It is impossible for mortal tongue ever to express, or even for mortal intellect to comprehend the breadth, the beauty, and the perfection of God’s law. There is in it abundant food for meditation both day and night; and the more we learn of it, the more we can appreciate the psalmist’s glowing descriptions of it, and his exhortations to continually study it.


What the Gospel Teaches

So no man can feel any interest in the gospel as a means of salvation from sin, unless he (1) knows what sin is, and (2) is convinced that he is a sinner, and (3) understands the nature and results of sin, so as to realize that it is something to be shunned. Therefore the gospel, with its announcement of salvation from sin, must also make known what sin is  



You have nothing to do with the question of worth. When Christ was on earth “He knew what was in man.” John 2.25. He made your purchase with His eyes wide open, and you should be the last one to complain.