The Sabbath-School Work | Alonzo T. Jones

"The Sabbath-School Work"

"I HAVE been appointed to speak to-day on the Sabbath-school work, especially as it is at the present time—its present work in the studies now before the school." Alonzo T. Jones

This sermon, articled in 4 parts, was in reference to the 3rd quarter's Quarterly of 1900, on the book of Galatians--"the studies now before the school." (The original Quarterly is attached to this page for download.) 

This sermon was divided up into 4 parts and published in the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald under the section called "The Sermon." The 4 parts to this sermon were published on:

  • August 07, 1900 ----- Part 1
  • August 14, 1900 ----- Part 2
  • August 21, 1900 ----- Part 3
  • August 28, 1900 ----- Part 4

Elder Alonzo T. Jones delivered this sermon on Sabbath, July 28, 1900 in the Battle Creek Tabernacle. (it was recorded by a stenographer).